Fiium Shaarrk – No Fiction Now!


Fiium Shaarrk is a new trio, uniting the formidable skills and the improbably diverse backgrounds of Rudi Fischerlehner (drums), Maurizio Ravalico (percussion) and Isambard Khroustaliov (electronics).

Alternating freely between a jigsaw of unquantised proto-dance grooves, the luxuriant austerity of 20th century composed percussion music and the fertile landscape of live electronics, Fiium Shaarrk’s music is at once visceral, cerebral and visionary; at times joyfully naive and at others virtuosic and painstakingly scientific.

Fiium Shaarrk draw freely from a diverse array of past musical influences; from Tortoise to King Crimson, Max Roach to Napalm Death, Autechre to Xenakis and Dubstep to Maracatu. However, their unreasonably unassuming explorative music is most unquestionably addressed to the men and women of today.

No Fiction Now! is Fiium Shaarrk’s debut album, released on Not Applicable Recordings, and can be purchased from all major online retailers including iTunesBoomkat and Amazon.


“Like famished animals whipped onwards by drum and hi-hat, processed electronically but gripping onto materiality by their fingernails. (…) Exhilarating.”
Adam Harper, The Wire

“‘No Fiction Now!’ doesn’t provide the listener any anchors for them to compare it to music they’ve experienced before and the result is frightening as you are essentially blind in a fighting circle of beats. But that’s the thrill.”
Kostas Lucas, DIY

“A behemoth of electronic and percussive dynamite that sounds downright terrifying”
Adam Reeve, Elusive Little Comments

“Call it Post-World-Beat (…), but with “No Fiction now!” Fiium Shaarrk delievers the most succinct and convincing entry in this fresh new genre.”

Curt Cuisine, Skug

– Watch Fiium Shaarrk’s video for “Wozzeck’s Variations” below:

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