Posthuman – The Benz EP


Techno alliance Rich Bevan & Joshua Doherty (aka Posthuman) team up to bring you the latest release on their very own Balkan Vinyl imprint.

The Benz EP‘ features 4-tracks (plus one bonus track available exclusively from Junodownload), with techno dons Ben Sims and Radioactive Man on remix duties.

The Benz‘ is an acid techno dance-floor groove featuring choppy vocals, a fairly standard 303-emulated baseline and rolling minimalistic beats. Ben Simz takes things up a notch with a seriously hard-hitting mix. Sims incorporates his own unique 303 synth line here, surrounded by a wall of reverberated cymbals and a solid pounding beat that is made for dance-floor destruction of the highest order.  Radioactive Man brings an old-school vibe with his version of the The Benz, making use of the original bassline which remains the focus of the track in an albeit mutilated form.

The third track of the EP is another original work from Posthuman – ‘The Company Man‘.  In keeping with the duo’s dance-oriented style, the track is once again a bouncy little number with a catchy synth hook and rhythmic vocal samples.  Last but by no means least, ‘Kill It With Fire‘ rounds things up nicely with a powerful rave-inspired techno stomper – highly recommended dance-floor material!

The Benz EP is available from BeatportJuno and all major online retailers.

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