Nadine Shah releases debut EP – 'Aching Bones'


Label Fandango bring you Nadine Shah‘s debut release in the shape of a three-track EP, entitled ‘Aching Bones’. Here’s a little info about one of the UK’s most promising female artists…

Nadine Shah grew up in a small coastal village in the North East of England named Whitburn.  If the crashing waves and the crushing winds of the North Sea are supposed to imply some kind of bruised resonance to her music then let them crash and crush away, for there are dark songs to be performed and blackened souls to be pillaged.

The ‘Aching Bones‘ EP is Nadine’s first ever release. It consists of three tracks of mildly traumatised, wildly emotional orchestral pop with classical overtones and a chilling undercurrent. The EP is a result of a collaboration between Nadine and producer Ben Hillier, whose studio work with damaged pop goods such as The Horrors, Blur and Depeche Mode has already been seen as encroaching upon Nadine’s sonic dreams. Other observers have picked up on the musings of Nick Cave, PJ Harvey and Scott Walker. And they aren’t wrong, but they’re not quite right.

Because Nadine Shah is a different deep shade of blue. Onstage she plays aching, breaking piano (her own) and the odd plaintive guitar (occasionally borrowed from another act on the bill) and sings like a whiplashed angel. So she is spiritual and spooky and sparky yet, as proven by her neo-legendary between-song banter, she is also actually a-bloody-laugh-a-ghoulish-minute.

Already the likes of The Guardian, thisisfakeDIY, The Quietus (who had the video exclusive for ‘Aching Bones‘ itself), Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy have been entranced, nay intoxicated by this wicked blend of musical intelligence and live irreverence. The words “future Mercury Prize” and “winner” have even been whispered in certain smitten circles. Right now, enjoy these shadowy beginnings, for baby, Ms Shah shines bright…

Aching Bones is now available from iTunesAmazon & all major online retailers.

Official music video below…

Note: Nadine Shah will be giving a performance this evening (Nov 21st) at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town  – a very limited amount of tickets are still available HERE.

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