New EP: Yin Yang Audio – Oblivious (Soulstep Records)


Yin Yang Audio (aka Gerado Davalos from Houston, Texas) releases his third EP on Soulstep Records…  “Oblivious“.

In just a short space of time, Gerado has moulded the sound of Yin Yang into a unique voice that can truly be called his own; dark, ambient, introverted dubstep that not only has a clear musical direction, but also has a story to tell.  Furthermore, every release that has gone under Gerado’s Yin Yang Audio moniker thus far has been worthy club material – the kind of stuff you want to hear in a dim-lit basement, surrounded by people of the night…

So, first up on on the EP is “Sub Love” – a melodic venture, featuring elusive piano fragments which become heavily supported by underlying harmonies provided by some well-crafted synthetic strings. Lavished by lush ambience and boundless atmospherics, Sub Love is a well orchestrated track, which seamlessly gels together in such a way that’s bound to resonate well with any audiophile.

Oblivious” takes a darker turn whilst following a similar format. A few modest piano notes are heard along with gratifying harmony, which once again are encompassed by an abundance of space surrounding the mix. This time however, ‘Oblivious‘ is charged by a dark, scathing bass which ploughs the track along until it reaches its final place of rest…

All in all, yet another great release from a talented producer who is deservedly gaining his place amongst the top guns of the scene. Something that is certain of Yin Yang Audio is that this is music written with soul – a rarity within the genre these days.

Oblivious” is now available from Beatport, Juno, Boomkat & all major online retailers.

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