"Myth and Impermanence" – The new album by Inch-time


Following closely in the wake of 2011s critically lauded ‘The Floating World’, Inch-time, the brainchild of Australian-born-London-living producer Stefan Panczak, returns with ‘Myth & Impermanence’, his second release on his own Mystery Plays imprint.

Recorded over a 10 month period in an East London basement studio, ‘Myth & Impermanence’ flawlessly melds raw and real jazz instrumentation with glittering electronica, delivering an accomplished 11-song set of exceptional sonic tailoring.

The pristine, lake-clear textures and exquisite musical subtleness synonymous with Inch-time releases are all present, but what once shimmered now bubbles and spikes, live instrumentation adding mountain ranges to the musical landscape. The result is a collection that somehow manages to take in both darkness and light, a wall of calm, edged with ominous foreboding.

It is a concept album of sorts.” Panczak says “Starting with ‘Time of the Fire’ we journey from the city to the country, from light to darkness. By the end of this first song we have left the temporal world and we are ready to explore the shadow world of myths and dreams.

For the creation of this nocturnal suite Panczak felt a change of both creative tack and personnel was required in the studio.

“I felt limited just using software and the occasional guitar or keyboard to create my music. When you use a sample or a midi instrument you lose all the nuances and subtleties of a real instrument; every time it plays it is exactly the same. The brain picks up on that and it soon becomes repetitive.”

This need for musical realism and sonic exploration opened the door to Alex Bonney (trumpet), Olie Brice (bass) and Karl Penney (drums), three of the UKs finest Jazz players.

Collaborating with live musicians placed Panczak in the rare position of both musical director and collector of sounds, both planned and unexpected.

I had them play over the existing tracks, writing some melodies and motifs for them but also having them freely improvise. I took all these recordings and used them as samples, either as intended in the original recordings or re-appropriating them into other songs to create new and unexpected re-contextualisations.”

‘Myth and Impermanence’ is now available from iTunes and all major retailers.

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