Forthcoming: Skynthesizer – Twins EP


Next week sees the release of Skynthesizer‘s debut on the Sonskrif imprint.  Twins EP features five tracks of un-adulterated bass-heavy dancefloor tracks, brought to you by the Cornish producer.

First up on ‘Twins’ is Ouch, featuring an ominous synth hook, growling bass sounds and a hard hitting hip-hop inspired beat. The track builds throughout, working its way into a frenzied sound-world, with counter-active synthetic voices each battling their way into a galactic unknown.  Never Weather brings things down a notch with an easy going, laid back beat, floaty melodic chords and a somewhat understated yet highly effective drop. Macking F shows Skynthesizer’s tougher side – edgy, crisp, lo-fi goodness is what you’ll hear, whilst Mellola keeps up the pace with a resilient hypnotic electro-tinged groove. Rounding things up is the final track of the EP, VovcoeOnce again Skynthesizer brings us a highly infectious beat, bound to get those toes-tapping.

All-in-all, Twins EP is an extremely promising piece of work from the newcomer.  Expect mean basslines, catchy synth hooks and an undeniable sense of rhythm across all five tracks.

Twins EP will be available for digital download on Monday 22nd October from Juno, Boomkat & all major retailers.

About Sonskrif:

Sonskrif (Cornish for ‘sound recording’) is an independent label and production house specialising in experimental breaks, bass and spoken word.  Encouraging open minded collaborations between emerging and established artists from different genres. Urban, rural, multi-racial, progressive and conscious.

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