Sonnamble – Blindlight… OUT NOW!


Blindlight is the second release from London based electro-acoustic improvisers Sonnamble, consisting of Conor Curran on electronics and software and Peter Marsh on stringed instruments.

As in their previous work, the focus is on Marsh’s lap steel guitar, whose drones, chords and twangs are coaxed into expansive ambient fuzziness or atomised into grains of noise by Curran’s home-cooked software patches. But there’s a spareness and a more pronounced spikiness to the music this time round; it’s still immersive stuff, but with more  of an edge…

This release, brought to you by Forwind, is a remixed & remastered version of the original Blindlight, initially released in 2011.


“Much of Sonnamble’s work is improvised, but there’s an art to what they do: Curran’s homemade software seems able to reduce every note down to its even smaller constituent parts and then sieve out what suits their goal.”

– Wyndham Wallace, BBC.

“This second Sonnamble album builds on its predecessor’s complex set up. Here, Conor Curran weaves Peter Marsh’s original sound sources and textures into a series of stunning miniature constructions which manage to be at once challenging, immersive and evocative.”

– themilkman, themilkfactory.

Preview & purchase your copy from: iTunes & all major retailers.

Finally, here’s a visual piece which was constructed by Gavin Owens for Blindlight:

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