Sexy Fi – Nunca Te Vi De Boa


Brazillian art rock band Sexy Fí release their debut album Nunca Te Vi De Boa on Far Out Recordings this week. Technically Sexy Fí is less than a year old. Its other incarnation, Nancy, was born in the streets of Brasília, Brazil’s modernist capital, sometime around the year 2000. So in the midst of its musical adolescence, Nancy became Sexy Fí in 2012.

Camila Zamith (vocals) and Praxis (guitar) met as undergrads at the University of Brasília and never stopped making music together. Even when she moved to London to study at Goldsmiths University and Praxis went to live in Rio, they kept exchanging bits and pieces of songs via e-mail, which ended up turning into an album, “Chora Matisse”, released in 2009.

The duo turned into a six-piece band, played a number of festivals in Brazil and did a small tour of the United States, including a couple of gigs in Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW).  In 2011, the sextet became a quintet and started working on a new batch of songs. Camila Zamith (vocals), Praxis (guitar), Ivan Bicudo (guitar and keys), Diogo Saraiva (bass), and Marlon Tugdual (drums) make up the new group.

The band’s first album, the tropical chic “Nunca te vi de boa”, is a product of two Summers in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Recorded and mixed by John McEntire (drummer for Tortoise), the album took the band from Brasília to Chicago (with a pit stop in Panama City to retrieve a lost bass) in July 2011 for three weeks of sessions at his Soma Electronic Music Studios.

The effort resulted in a collection of songs that defy genre classification, combining the energy of indie rock and the openness of Brazilian music, elegantly stitched together by the seductive voice of Camila Zamith. Going through the bands record collection you’ll find influences from all around the world: Portishead and Caetano Veloso; Mulatu Astatke and R.E.M.; Jorge Ben and Nina Simone. This is Brazilian music gone global. These are cosmopolitan sounds in flip flops.

Nunca Te Vi De Boa is now available from iTunes, Amazon & all major retailers.

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