Christ. – Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack


Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack is the fourth widely available album by ex. Benbecula Records head boy, Christ. aka Chris H.

The soundtrack was made in close collaboration with award-winning Swedish Film-maker and ident video jingle animator for Japanese Space Shower Tv – Stefan Larsson, as a perfect counterpoint and counterpart to his up-coming Digital movie release “Cathexis”.

The film depicts an esoteric group of people, known as AUJIK, and their interactions with nature and technology, both of which are viewed by AUJIK as having spiritual qualities. The AUJIK create and interact with artefacts consisting of unique and multifaceted Artificial Intelligences, Transcending emotional inputs to the artefacts artificial limbic systems, revealing various aspects of the artefacts minds. This symbiosis of refined and primitive nature leads the AUJIK people to a higher awareness of the self. Christ. is first and foremost a musician. Multi-instrumentalist Chris H has a solid musical pedigree and an impressive back catalogue on the sadly defunct Benbecula Records, and a handful of releases and remixes elsewhere.

Christ. has created his soundscapes forging a unique path of musical beauty that escapes derivation. Can much more be said? What’s the point. Christ.’s expert layers of melody, broken beats and textures say pretty much everything. Christ.’s music is often likened to that of fellow Scottish electronic group Boards of Canada. In fact, Chris H was an early participant in the nebulous Hexagon Sun collective from which BoC emerged and was a collaborator with the group until approximately 1995, appearing on the Twoism album, reissued by Warp in 2002. Christ. H’s departure was amicable and he thanks the duo on his Pylonesque EP issued on the Benbecula Records label in 2001. He followed this release with a full length album Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle on the same label which was very well received within the genre. He later released “Blue Shift Emissions”, “Distance Lends Enchantment To The View” albums, “Seeing and Doing” and “Bike” ep’s.

Below is a trailer featuring clips from the 10-minute version of the film:

Chirst. – Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack is available to purchase from iTunes & all major online retailers.

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