Sone Institute – A Model Life



Sone Institute‘s A Model Life is out this week on Front & Follow, available in CD format and for digital download.

Here’s what the F&F team have to say about this excellent album from a true pioneer of the electronic sound-world:

A Model Life brings Roman Bezdyk’s unique and ambitious style out to play again with instantly familiar loops, mid-bar trips and assorted quirk. Witchcraft and Pornography, the opening track to the album, sets off with an echolalic electric guitar riff, like Hendrix on a merry-go-round, while M’Ling introduces a spaghetti western-esque snippet that repeats catchily, like an over-caffeinated ear worm.

Sone Institute offers a soundtrack to a world that doesn’t exist (and perhaps shouldn’t), as in The World is a Confusion, where 80’s electronic beats and honking psychodrama intermingle with a vocal that makes sure we know: ‘the world is confusion, a spiral drawn in the sand…’

A Model Life is now available from iTunes, Boomkat and all major retailers.

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