Malka Spigel releases new album: 'Every Day Is Like the First Day'


Malka Spigel’s first album in over 14 years finally hits the shelves this week. ‘Every Day Is Like The First Day‘ was brought into fruition throughout 2011 and earlier this year by Malka & Colin Newman along with special guest input from a wide range of producers including Matt Simms, Alexander Balanescu, Nik Colk Void, Johnny Mar and Julie Campbell amongst several others.

Malka Spigel emphasises the organic nature of her creative process with this album: “It’s about not thinking or planning or having a concept – not even deciding not to think. You do it before your brain gets involved. It’s quick. It’s instinctive.”

Every Day Is Like The First Day was created very much in that spirit. The title itself is a mantra for Spigel, intimately linked to her process, as she comes to each new piece of work as a discrete act of creation, with no preconceptions, no plans: “Every song is like the first song,” she explains. “That’s the way I like to approach music.”

Get your copy from Greedbag and iTunes, amongst most major retailers.

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