Chris Helme releases new album – "The Rookery"


Chris Helme’s latest full-length album, ‘The Rookery’ is a collection of beautifully crafted songs, laden with charismatic charm and an intrinsic underlying lyrical context which clearly belongs strong to Helme’s own heart.

Self-proclaimed as his greatest release to date, The Rookery contains a diverse range of pace and emotion, from the melancholic folklore of ‘Pickled Ginger’ to the more upbeat disposition of ‘Daddies Farm’. However, it is in Helme’s softer and more introspective acoustic writing where the album’s true colours shine.

The Rookery is an emphatically engaging and amicable listening experience, furnished with graceful melodies and heartfelt song-writing throughout, sure to soon be catching the attention of a well deserved audience for Chris Helme this summer and beyond.

Out now on iTunes and Greedbag.

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