New Release: Moscow Youth Cult 'Happiness Machines'


Jon Dix & Daniel O’Donnell-Smith formed Moscow Youth Cult in 2010 over shared and unhealthy interests in video games, vintage horror and the promise of making electronic music together. Their first undertaking was the soundtrack to an installation at Nottingham’s annual GameCity festival, which was celebrating 25 years of the ground-breaking video game Elite.
Their debut EP, Iris, was released on LoAF in Nov 2011 and was accompanied by a beautifully-realised animated music video by up-and-coming talent Jake Hutchinson. The EP also featured MYC’s speaker-shattering reimagining of Fabio Frizzi’s classic theme from Italian gore-fest Zombi 2. After hearing the track Frizzi was so impressed that he contacted the band to let them know of his approval.
Inspired by the title of an Adam Curtis documentary, Dan & Jon set about creating an album that would include their love of analogue equipment and experimental electronic production shot through a lens of dark pop with glitchy, digital processing. Happiness Machines draws its inspiration from the riches of electronica, avant garde poetry and the grainy aesthetic of obscure Sci-Fi and Horror movies [played live to a selection of cut-up clips].
This is MYC’s first full-length entry into the cannon of their self-styled VHS-pop genre and is a lush show- case of the band’s songwriting and production talents featuring soundscapes that flit effortlessly from lo-fi lamentations and malfunctioning string quartets to sweaty dance floor workouts with machine samples rumbling under layers of synths, beats and tape hiss.
Basically it’s what would happen if dubstep, chillwave and Bibio’s tape recorder all got chucked into the Large Hadron Collider by Thom Yorke. Dressed as a witch.
The iTunes Deluxe Edition features 2 bonus tracks – Happiness Machines

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