Ghost Box – Study Series 08 – Out Today!


GBX708 – Study Series 08: Belbury Poly & The Advisory Circle

Rejoice! The new Ghost Box 7″ Single is now available from the Ghost Box Greedbag store!

It’s by Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle and is titled “Inversions”. The Advisory Circle cover Wildpsot, a tune taken from the first Belbury Poly album, The Willows and Belbury Poly re-imagine a more recent Advisory Circle piece called Now Ends the Beginning, a track from their latest album “As The Crow Flies“. The results are bright, light and naggingly familiar.

And if this wasn’t enough to get excited about, we also have details of what’s to come…

We now know that this autumn on Ghost Box we’ll have a new album from Pye Corner Audio, and a revised edition of  The Focus Group’s “Hey Let Loose Your Love”.

Who cares about the summer when we have so much to look forward to this Autumn!


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