Looking for no fuss digital distribution for your music? We have the answer


Are you a record label or artist searching for a way to digitally distribute your music? Need straight up, simple, honest and FREE distribution to the worlds leading Digital Music Stores (DMS) including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic and many others?

The state51 Collective is the answer! The Collective provides a straight delivery service to any digital stores of your choice. There are no upfront fees or hidden costs. The state51 Collective works on a profit share basis and we will pass back 91% of all revenue to you.

If you are an artist or label with current distribution deals then don’t fear! The Collective is non exclusive so we can put your music onto other services of your choice and just fill in the gaps. It’s an easy to access, cost-effective digital distribution and accounting service to suit any label from big to boutique. Our accounting is straightforward with monthly or quarterly payments and full and transparent reporting.

We’ll work with you to get your music available on release date every time as well as providing you with access to our years of experience and expertise in the digital marketplace.

Click on the state51 truck above to find out more about The Collective and how it’s easy and free to join. Or contact us here.

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