News: Whats happening at Midem 2012?


Hi from Cannes everyone! we’ve been here at Midem since friday and thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to and how its going.

To put all industry related business aside, we thought we had to let you know about the lastest canine footwear fashions that are taking Cannes by storm this year! This is one of many fine sets of shoes we’ve seen being sported by the local dog population, and this particular one even seems to have a matching hat!

But in all honesty we can’t blame the little guy as the weather (as you can see) hasn’t exactly been the the south of France at it’s finest, not the sunny escape from London we had imagined and hoped for!

However, we’ve never been ones to moan and we’re certainly not complaining about how pretty Cannes has been looking, especially by night, like the view from our room. We’ve all been having a great time and make sure you return here for more info and pics when we get back!

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