Felix's Machines


Felix’s Machines are music making sculptures. They exist to facilitate music by translating rhythmic audio structures into a three-dimensional visual show.

Primarily built as a performance device for music, the machines also act as kinetic sculptures and are naturally suited for art installations, theatre accompaniment, and even standalone sculpture.

The Machines invite an audience to share the experience of their creator. Felix aims to exploit the complexity found behind the workings of most digital music by presenting it as a more accessible equivalent. These Machines do not intend to match human potential. Instead they exist to test the advantages of mechanical instruments alone.

“Although my medium focuses on the development of acoustic sounds, I am continually inspired by electronic music – the countless abstractions act as blueprints for the construction of its acoustic counterparts. I aim to build a space where artificial and dream-like environments can become a reality.” FT

* Out on Monday 14th November – You can pre-order a copy of Felix’s Machines new EP here *


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