News: A Warm Welcome To Admiral Radley!


some of the fine coverage courtesy of The state51 Conspiracy so far

We are overjoyed to be working the Adrmiral Radley campaign for Digital Distribution in Europe.

Admiral Radley is the new project from head Grandaddy man Jason Lytle and members of Earlimart yet another fabulous outfit!

It sounds like classic Grandaddy all joyful melodies colliding with ever so slightly wonky instrumentation.

If you ask the band to tell the story (see below) on how everything came together, they may tell you stories involving French fries and wine, splinters, “shovel grips” and even meeting the elusive Admiral himself.

What we do know, is members of both bands are long time friends who have toured together and also collaborated and constructed songs over the years.

The band’s time in the studio together was loose and enjoyable, sometimes hilarious and even insane.

Years later, Jason, Ariana and both Aarons collectively decided to release these songs as an album on THE SHIP, which is both a recording studio and new record label owned and operated by Aaron Espinoza.

It’s out everywhere now

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