The Vinyl Countdown #MIDEM


Yoiks, what a busy day (probably made a bit harder on the old noggin by celebrating how well yesterday went last night)

Started off by gawking at a nice little piece in the Midem News Magazine (above) which was nice (no photo credit for the ingo though). We’ll get a scan up soon so you can read it.

Met with E Music (officially), Spotify, Deezer, Mondomix, Soul Seduction, Sain, Quobuz, Revolver All good we think.

Got a chance to find the Indoor Market at lunch and slodge some more money on some vinyl. If you would like to decide for yourself if we spent recklessly then you can check some selections from what we picked up by listening to this playlist

Dinner will the dude, gentleman and scholar that is Trevor who owns Jalapeno Records, he came up trumps with the restaurant selection to make it 3 out of 3 top eats every single night.

Must to bed now we must be off in the morning to start the ride back, no train/car for us, it’s a full on drive again.

So: night all

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