Conspiracy to Jazz 1


As I hurtled through my 20s Jazz was to my ears a bloody outrage. I realise now this was simply because I was either:

a) listening to bad jazz
b) not even listening at all

Now however in my early 30s I have a flourishing interest in Jazz, and his has largely come from working with the labels of ours that deal (though not exclusively) in the genre, like Trunk Records, Far Out Recordings & Arision

Both Jonny Trunk (from Trunk Records of course) and Joe from Far Out are especially adept at pointing you at a record or two that will not disappoint. One such record (Jonny’s recommendation) is Dudley Moore’s Soundtrack to Bedazzled, his 1968 film with Peter Cooke and Raquel Welsh as ‘Lust”

I find myself wanting to spread the good word of jazz around my friends and ‘Bedazzled’ is the perfect ‘Gateway’ jazz record. Largely because it is a bit 60s beat, a bit psychedelia in places but all in all is just a fine piece of work. You can always get at least 3/4 of the way through before someone realized they were actually listening to something akin to jazz and the cry of “what the f@*k are we listening to?!?” goes up.

I will prevail, it’s like when I was trying to convince everyone at school that Deacon Blue were actually better than Nirvana, I was right then and i’ll be right again dagnamit!

Anyway I have made you a rather nice Jazz Top 10 from our catalogue in a bit to either convert or confirm. A bit of Trunk (Neil Ardley, Basil Kirchin, Tubby Hayes & Mike Sammes) a bit of Far Out (The Ipanemas, Marcos Valle, Piri, Tenori0 Jnr) a bit of Arision (Marco Di Marco, The Swingers) and something special and rather newish from Gold Filling (Barcode Trio)

Really interested to Know What You Think

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