Cannes? You Dig It?


Sorry for the sporadic posts yesterday It was all very ‘on the fly’ shall we say. Bluebell made it in one piece and her passengers just about did as well.

Check out this playlist in tribute to our efforts

How do you describe our delightful hotel? Well it certainly has character, a character from the late seventies it would appear

Turns out you can put the car on the train somewhere near here and get driven back to paris – might be an option

Ok – So all that driving nonsense has been put to bed, now it’s time for the work to begin. Managed to get my pass despite having no formal identity documents (remembering Ingo is not my real name fact fans) and getting the following questions wrong

1) my job title
2) my e-mail

Don’t worry potential clients this was a mere blip I put down to the empty stomach, won’t happen again.

To rectify we had a lovely breakfast with Peter from Virtual Label (a MIDEM tradition for Adrian at least) then took Paul Sanders for a spin in the 2cv.

Met the What People Play chaps which was all good, seem to be talking a lot about Japan at the moment to everyone, am sure something will come off in the next few days.

Off to eric’s now

ps saw this on French TV last night it blew my mind

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