Bedtime in TV #midem


You can really tell when you are in foreign lands when you find yourself watching a load of old tripe on the telly just because it’s vaguely in a language you can understand.

Tonight it’s a WWE Wrestling spectacular featuring Wyclef Jean, Mike Tyson and an Irish fella who looks suspiciously like Al from Hot Chip. Someone’s gonna get battered and it’s not gonna be Mike.

I like telly it makes my brain switch off like the way indicator lights are meant to switch off (and on) only sometimes they don’t because something in your car is fudged up, or has fallen off or is just a bit phip.

No matter – tomorrow is a brand new friday (ooh crunchie time!) and we are gonna get back on the damn road and defeat it’s stupid undulations and dystopian robot run toll booths. You’ll see, like Randy Macho Man Savage we will not entertain defeat

remember this? Overtaking Like A Champion

Here is a playlist of stuff we were listening to today all randomly selected by our iPod

Click Here to Hear it in all it’s glory

Night All

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