Conspiracy To Pop No.1


If you look up ‘Popular Music’ on wikipedia the first sentence you will find is: “For the album by Yo La Tengo, see Popular Songs.” Which of course probably means something very deep indeed, or is a genius piece of viral marketing on behalf of YLT (note to bands: try naming your new album Favicon.ico or Wiki for a similar result).

Anyway, point being: ‘Popular Music’ can take many shades of shiny. By way of a demonstration here is the first in an occasional series of Top 10s put together by us here at The state51 Conspiracy. The purpose being to shed some light on some tracks that we would have happily recorded off the Top 40 onto a C90 on a sunday afternoon if:

a) It was 25 years ago

b) anyone actually has a tape player or could buy C90s

c) um….this isn’t really very current is it?

So try and enjoy yourself  and remember: everyone’s different!

Click Here To Listen To The Top 10 On Spotify

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