Lots of Lovely People Say Nice Things About Us…


“The best digital distributor for independents – providing the label with
influential coverage across Itunes and the digital platforms.”
Joe – Far Out Recordings  

“Greedbag: beautiful, friendly and absolutely trustworthy people who manifest a ferocious efficiency in their work on my behalf! I recommend them without hesitation to the entire Cosmos.”
David Tibet/Current 93

“All we do is give them some stock and they do everything else. and then once a month they give us some money. and month on month that amount has been getting bigger bigger. so i couldn’t be happier. they are also kinda nice.”
Michael – Moshi Moshi Records

“We can recommend The state51 Conspiracy as one of our proud aggregation partners, they provide a great service for music with technology!”
Matthew – Beatport

“When the musings of their words end, the music begins.. state51  are a pleasure to work with, they shine with  honesty, value who they represent with efficiency, fortitude and passion.  Keep going forever!”
Kameil – eMusic

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