BBC Sound of 2010 Poll


Polls are useless most of the time but in terms of this years BBC Sound of 2010 Poll. Auntie is almost certainly 50% bang on the button. So indulge us while we prattle on for 129 words about how  we had a hand in 2.5 of the Top 5 artists on this years pop crop.

We lavished loving care on Delphic for their debut release Counterpoint on R&S Records. We are also blooming chuffed to be helping The Drums Summertime EP fly out of the warehouse via the Moshi Moshi shop.

And the 0.5? Why that would be for Hurts who originally released tunes under the name Daggers on the ever wonderful Label Fandango (tenuous but worth a punt). Check the track Money out it’s an absolute classic!

So there you go! Well done everyone.

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