Release Recap – July 30th

The latest installment of our recap series, keeping you up to speed with the new and independent music out through The state51 Conspiracy last week.

Departures, the debut album from Owl & Mouse

1. Departures, Owl & Mouse

“Quite simply, the best of 2015 to date” – 5/5 Narc. Magazine

A charming debut album full of lovely melodies, ukeleles and songs of love and heartache. Out on the ever marvellous Fika Recordings.



2. Your Eyes, Eli & Fur

The latest dreamy belter from these rising DJ stars. Stay tuned for the Aprés remix as well, out tomorrow.

Do catch them live too. They’re playing all over the shop this summer, with a tour of the US approaching followed by spots at Creamfields and Space in Ibiza, amongst many others.


Ambassadeurs, Looking At You feat C. Duncan

3. Looking At You feat C. Duncan, Ambassadeurs

Ambassadeurs’ latest single is another showcase of their bass heavy, ethereal electronica. Looking at You, out on Lost Tribe records, has got dark ambient moments and some shimmering, melodic techno. It’s also got C Duncan on vocal duty and an excellent remix from Moods.

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_0824play-on-spotify beatport_button-filtered

4. Throwback EP 2.0, S.E.F, Lost & Found, KG3

The latest from Switched On Records is an easy way for you to get your regular fix of vocal house.



5. Reykjavik EP, SEØUEL

Intense techno electronics by this mercurial beatmaker. Described by The Line of Best Fit as ‘admirably harrowing’ and, in their 8/10 review of the EP, like ‘playing laser-tag with Simian Mobile Disco.’ Out on Disorder Records.



6. Mind, The Ancients

This album has been a long time coming. The band, fresh from the success of their debut, started in New York in 1993, coming back to the record time and again without ever releasing it. Until now! The Human Label help bring this hidden gem out to the public for the first time.



7. 5 years of Gruuv Vol. 4, Various Artists

The fourth installment of Gruuv‘s celebratory series to mark their 5th anniversary. It’s another batch of four tracks from top-end producers including David Pher, Tuccillo, Audiojack, Kevin Knapp, Paul C, Paolo Martini.

Catch up with volumes 1, 2 and 3.




8. Pony, Strange Cages

Some characteristically psyched out garage rock from this Brighton outfit, out on Strong Island Recordings. An aesthetic they carry over into their videos, as you can see below.


LOVJP01 Artwork

9. Cornbrail Acid 2.5, Beatwife

More hugely enjoyable glitchy dance from Love Love Records. Try Star in particular sounds like someone listened to Squarepusher and thought, “if only it was a bit glitchier’.


Stay up to date with our latest releases by following our New and Independent Spotify playlist:




How to really get the public on music’s side.

Musicians seem to be on a permanent campaign for more money, and a larger share of whatever’s going.

There’s no doubt it’s tough to make a living in music. There are more musicians than there are living wages, and as an industry the way the money is shared out often leaves all but the top players out in the cold.

But beyond a general sense of fairness, that music and artists should be paid something and should if they are good be able to make a living, the public seems at best only mildly interested in music’s fair pay debate. Why should that be? And what can be done about it?

Thirty years ago Dire Straits summed up one attitude to pop success with ‘Money for Nothing’. Then or now, scamming it and behaving badly is not going to convert even passionate music fans into musicians’ rights lobbyists. And the Tidal megastar love in might have been a PR disaster if anyone had cared enough.

So, instead of esoteric arguments about how to share out 0.07 cents between the cast of thousands behind a popular song, here’s a shortlist of suggestions to help really get the public on music’s side.

1. Show the public at every opportunity what a lot of hard work is involved in creating, performing, and recording music. Tell them about the sacrifices we make to get just the right sound, the obsessive practising that delivers the perfect inflection, and the sheer nerve of putting a life and a career on the line day after day. If if they don’t like the result, they can’t disparage the effort.

2. When we claim to be doing something, make sure we can back it up. Sure you can mime to your own guitar solo or vocal on a video. But if it supposed to be sung, sing it, don’t fiddle it together with Melodyne and brazen it out. If it’s a work of studio wizardry that is fine too, as long as the truth is told.

3. Be scrupulously fair to others in our own industry, by crediting all performers, making sure the songwriters are acknowledged, and the information is all there so everyone involved gets paid properly. Nobody sides with a cheat; nobody can break through a wall of honesty and virtue.

4. Hardest of all, don’t oversell music! We’re not going to fix the global economy. When people say they can’t live without music they don’t really mean it. At best we are the sign that a society is developed and civilised enough to care about more than subsistence. A little gratitude for any help we get will go a long way.

If we show respect to each other, and make it easier to work with us and help us, and if we are duly thankful for the privilege of working with one of mankind’s greatest gifts and achievements, there is no doubt that the public, and the politicians who represent them, will reciprocate.

This post originally appeared on Paul Sanders’ blog Ratpie.

Forthcoming releases w/c August 10th

Here’s the new and independent music we have lined up for you in the week of August 10th.

Wakefield - Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures

1. Wakefield Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures, on Fika Recordings (Single)

Last year’s album Gin was a treat. And more new music is on the way from the delightful collaboration between Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures.

Wakefield is taken from the indie dream team’s new album My Ass, which is out later this year. It’s very, very good.

Out on August 14th. Pre-orders are being taken on iTunes now.

Great Ideas - AOTOA

2. Great Ideas – AOTOA, on Jalapeno Records (Single)

AOTOA’s sound is a fusion of lo-fi electronica and dancefloor rhythms. On this single AOTOA throws in some fantastically booming bass. Worth turning up your headphones or speakers for.

Supporting tracks Alone Now and Altogether aren’t there just to make up numbers either, bringing their own very finely tuned beats to the party.

Out on Aug 14th.

Halo Effect - Leo Abrahams

3. Halo EffectLeo Abrahams, on Lo Recordings (Single)

Halo Effect is the first single from Leo Abrahams’ forthcoming album for Lo Recordings. We get some great guitar work backed up by some electro that is robotic and emotional in equal measure.

Abrahams has previously played with Pulp, Brian Eno and Roxy Music and has produced artists such as Wild Beasts, Brett Anderson (Suede) and Karl Hyde (Underworld). His 5th album is out in the Autumn.

Halo Effect is out on August 14th. Pre-orders can be made on iTunes now.

Way Back Home (feat. Ivar) - Kraak & Smaak

4. Way Back Home (feat. Ivar) – Kraak & Smaak, on Boogie Angst (Single)

Is it house, is it funk or is it disco? Trick question – it’s all three at the same time. For Way Back Home, K&S’s live band singer Ivar supplies the appropriately bittersweet vocals.

B-sides Seb’s Party and the Fouk remix of Way Back Home keep things moving right the way through.

Previously exclusive to Beatport, it’s out on general release on August 14th.


Wrap It Up - MALKA

5. Wrap It Up –  MALKA, on Tantrum Recordings (Single)

MALKA’s latest single, from her pop gem of an album Marching to Another Beat, has all the fizzing energy we’ve come to expect from her. Fun!

Out on August 14th – you can pre-order from iTunes now.


TAM085 Artwork

6. Helsinki – Twisted Puppies, 3am Recordings (Single)

3am Recordings bring us yet more brilliant underground dance. This time it’s a moody deep house release from the Finnish duo Twisted Puppies. Two new tracks complemented by two cracking remixes from Al Bradley and Carlo Gambino.

Previously exclusive to Beatport, it’s out on general release from August 14th. You can pre-order from iTunes now.

Jalapeno House Vol. 4

7. Jalapeno House Vol. 4 – Various Artists, on Jalapeno Records

Volume 4 of their regular compilation series brings together Jalapeno’s finest recent house releases and lots of exciting exclusives. A 20 track epic to remind us all that as well as the funk, soul and disco, Jalapeno do a mean line in 4/4 house.

The album features Rayko, Quasamodo, Bo Geste, Kraak & Smaak, Hot Toddy, NSFW and many more.

It’s exclusive to Traxsource from August 14th.

While you wait, why not check out volumes 1, 2 and 3?

Release Recap – July 23rd

Here’s our regular round up of the new and independent music out  last week. Catch up before our next batch of great new releases drops tomorrow!

1. Break It EP, Ten Story


A tray of hard dancefloor cookies straight out of the Concrete Music Records oven. Feast your ears and indulge your feet.

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2. Amplificador, Various Artists

Amplificador artwork

Amplificador is your passport to the diverse music scene blossoming in Brazil right now. This wonderful compilation, from Far Out Recordings, draws together components of Novíssima Música Brasileira (brand new Brazilian music), ranging from afro-grooves to rock, to modern samba and MPB (Brazilian pop music).

play-on-spotify Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004

3. Mint EP, Demuja


More fuel for your dancing feet. The bass wobbles and the bass booms all across this 5 track EP, out on Sounds of Sumo. The EP includes a fantastic remix from Majora.

beatport_button-filtered Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify

4. You Brought the Knife, The Doomed Bird of Providence


The Wire captured the mood here, saying the album continues the band’s ‘lyrical investigations into tales of horror and misery from Australia’s early history, through murder ballads and bloodthirsty shanties.’ This is not a sugary pop record. It’s dark and it’s mysterious and it sounds all the more delicious for it. Out on Front and Follow.

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify

5. Kinetic, Golden Girls


A 5 track EP that sees Jalapeno Records hand the keys to this rave classic to 2015’s most exciting producers, including Aotoa, Pirate Jams, NSFW and Lindo Man.

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004  play-on-spotify beatport_button-filtered

6. Forever, BSN Posse


Tremendously danceable electronica from Malaga’s finest dance duo, out on Slime. BSN Posse bring with them all sorts of top notch collaborators including Buddy Leezle, Sarah Burns and The End of the Human Race. Favourite track – excuse the language – is F*ck Them, featuring Foyone.

beatport_button-filtered Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify

7. Helsinki, Twisted Puppies

TAM085 Artwork

3am Recordings bring us yet more brilliant underground dance. This time it’s a moody deep house release from the Finnish duo Twisted Puppies. Two new tracks complemented by two cracking remixes from Al Bradley and Carlo Gambino.  Out now exclusively on Beatport.


You can stay up to speed by following our Spotify playlist, updated weekly with the best new and independent music.

Forthcoming Releases w/c August 3rd

More new and independent music coming your way from state51 labels…


Samba Para Florence / Things to Say (Henry Wu & Ben Hauke Remixes) by Sean Khan. Far Out Recordings.

Remixers Wu and Hauke pull us a pint of Detroit House and West London Broken Beat snakebite on this Jazz-wise swing remix of Sean Kahn’s music.

Out 7 August 2015.


Skull Dance by Somepoe. Sounds of Sumo.

Hypnotism never sounded so seductive. Finnish producer Somepoe drills a tiny hole of house into your brain with looping vocals and gently pulsing, almost metallic beats.

Out 7 August 2015.


TGS by The Good SportsStrong Island Records.

Crushed 60s reverb vocals and jangling garage guitars give way to something much deeper, threatening and alluring in a record full of moments of considered suppression and release.

Out 7 August 2015.


5 Years of Gruuv, Vol. 5 by Black Loops, Hugo, Elmar Strathe, Hermanez. Gruuv.

This lot know how to celebrate. Only 5 years old and they’re releasing a multi-edition birthday cake of a record. Here’s part 5.

Out 3 August 2015.



I Like You Dog by My Neighbour Is. Neighbour Jam.

The driest drum breaks, big sampled wah-wah licks and soulful vocal loops make for a life-affirming record that screams out loud and proud: unstoppable dance record!

Out 3 August 2015.


Portsea Whistle  by Soul Divide. Plus Recordings.

This is pretty straight, a little bit dirty but with a crispness and lightness of touch that, before you know it, will have tired out your feet and have you in a hot sweat.

Out 3 August 2015.

Release Recap – July 13th

Hello! More amazing independent music from the week just been…

1. Ambassadeurs feat. C Duncan, Looking at You.



Ambassadeurs’ widescreen sound spans bass heavy, ethereal electronica, through to dark ambient moments,and shimmering, melodic techno. iD, Vice and Mixmag all love the music as much as we do and you’d do very well to have a listen. Out now, exclusive to Beatport.


2. Orphan BoyFrom the Provinces.


The second single from Orphan Boy’s album of the same name (8/10 from NME). The band are touring now. Details are on their website.

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify

3. Various Artists5 Years of Gruuv, Vol. 3


Volume 3 of Gruuv’s fifth anniversary celebration release. Four more top quality contributors, including Oxia, A1 Bassline and Kyodai.

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4. A.J. Holmes and The Hackney Empire, Soft Power.


Their ‘elastic rhythms could move the most reluctant feet‘ (NME 7/10). 

‘Mein Liebster Feind’ is an epic Palm-Wine influenced ballad; ‘Martyn’s Elephant Charm’ mixes Ian Dury, Soukous influenced pop and  18th century Cockney superstitions.  Soft Power is a diverse album, sounding like S.E. Rogie wandered into the recording sessions of Big Star’s ‘Sister Lovers / Third’ album, from one of Britain’s most promising live acts.

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify

4. Moods, New Horizons.


A world away from his hip-hop output on Darker Than Wax, Moods’ releases on Boogie Angst are full of soul, disco and funk with a backbone of beats that only a hip hop producer can provide.

Download_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_1004 play-on-spotify beatport_button-filtered

5. Eli & Fur, Your Eyes


New and luscious single from the rising DJ stars. Out now exclusively on Beatport. Be sure to catch the remix from Après too, given it’s first play by Annie Mac last week.


You can listen to all of these on our Spotify playlist. Enjoy!


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